Comfort and Wellbeing for Horse and Rider

What is Horsestand

Horsestand is the latest and must have piece of equine management equipment newly created to ease the difficulties faced with equine maintenance, focusing on the studding and hoof maintenance for both Ponies and Horses.

Due to the stands unique design, it can easily be transported and used either at home or when "studding up" at shows taking away the stress and strain seen so too often.
How Horsestand Works

How Horsestand Works

An alloy stand, designed to accept the lower leg (fetlock) area of your Pony or Horse. Providing total comfort and safety for both horse and rider throughout the entire duration of its studding and cleaning, providing complete hoof accessibility without the worry or danger of the horse becoming uncomfortable and potentially kicking out.

With multi changeable magnets holding the studs and associated tools in place Horsestand reduces the time normally spent shoeing and cleaning hoofs and shoes. The stand also provides the opportunity for riders of all ages to undertake the activity and not be reliant on a second person passing you additional items required for the studding and maintenance.

Health & Safety

Pain and discomfort are now a thing of the past; no more awkwardly holding the animals' leg with one arm whilst changing studs and cleaning, no more dangerously holding the leg between a pair of thighs, never knowing how comfortable the horse actually is.

The shape of the Horsestand completely rids shoeing a horse or pony of any health and safety issues by creating the perfect resting position for any one of its four legs. It has been designed by horse riders as aid to rid the equestrian world of the pain felt by so many when cleaning and shoeing their horse. Whether back or leg cramping for the rider, or the discomfort seen so often by the horses themselves, Horsestand caters for the comfort and wellbeing of both parties.

Comfort & Wellbeing for Horse & Rider

Horsestand is a solid and sturdy titanium alloy stand, designed to fit perfectly around the lower leg area of your horse. Allowing total comfort and safety for both horse and rider throughout the entire duration of its cleaning, with complete hoof accessibility for the rider without the danger of an uncomfortable horse kicking out, or having to spend a sustained period of time hunched over whilst carrying the weight of a leg.

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Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say...

Studding up is no longer a chore. Using Horsestand is by far the easiest and most efficient way to stud up. It has saved me so much time. Thanks to the magnetic attachments on the side I didn't lose any studs in the stable as they were within reaching distance the whole time. It helped my horse massively as well, because it could stand there comfortably and I could adjust it to any height to fit my pony's leg. It is so safe for both me and my horses and ponies. It is easy and light to carry, which is always a good thing when walking to the stables. I am out competing most weekends so have to take a lot of care of my horses.

Horsestand makes this so much more simple. I have just moved up to horses and do not want to grow old with a bad back from years of studding up. Horsestand has reduced the chance of this happening, and is a perfect way to keep me free from pain.

Yasmin Davies (16) BSJA Competition Level Rider

As a competition rider there is nothing worse than being at a show and not being able to stud up quickly and efficiently. With Horsestand, studs can be inserted efficiently without the added pressure of getting dirty! I am also a trainer for BHS exams which the Horsestand is fantastic for. There is nothing better than having a piece of apparatus to hold the horses foot whilst you are showing candidates the necessary information. Would highly recommend to every horse involved person in any sphere!

Holly Duerden BHS Trainer and Competition Rider

Previously had a hip replacement, metal collarbone, bad knees and still competing with HOYS winner Limerick. With Horsestand I can now stud up without pain and discomfort,the horse seems more relaxed about having studs in as I'm not wrestling and juggling her leg, studs, spanner etc. Worth every penny!

Di Fairclough - British Showjumping Level 3 Coach

I highly recommend the horse stand it has been fantastic! I'm a 19 year old full time event rider. I have ridden horses since I was 5 and I'm extremely dedicated. I have been on the British pony team and competed up to cci** level competitively as well as backing and bringing on young horses on the side.

I think it's a great idea and will benefit a lot of people with crippled backs from doing it the 'hard' way! I also find my horses will stand calmly to get their studs in now whereas before they would kick out and get impatient because it would take so long. So for me it has been a huge help and saves so much time!

Stephanie O'Neil - 2 Star Event Rider

The Horsestand worked first time, it only took a couple minutes to erect, an idea so simple you wonder why it wasn't invented before.

Our horse, a bit of a fidget, took to it straight away, once his leg was placed on the stand he seemed to relax and the studs were put in in just a fraction of the normal time.

Not to mention the relief on my back, no pain, no stress, marvellous!

Bryan Hardy - Horsestand Customer

I am very pleased with Horsestand, it certainly makes studding up a lot easier and my horse accepted it straight away, no problems at all.

Sue Jago- Horsestand Customer

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